We make coding easy with our 1-on-1 online Mentoring.

Do you have the passion to learn how to code and get a good job?

How this platform works:

We provide you with all necessary tools you will need in your learning process starting from the best videos to software applications. We provide this tools online and also deliver an offline version to your door step if you prefer learning offline.

Many newbies give up within the first few months of learning to code because they are stuck & unable to fix bugs themselves; some don't understand what the instructor on the video has done. We want you to succeed. We will always be available to provide one-on-one mentoring where we can help you debug your code, fix your issues and tell you what to do next and give you this best advice to avoid the mistakes newbies make in their career.

We provide you with test projects to give you hands-on experience, standing by your side to review your code, fix your bug and help you learn faster.

The process is not complete without you earning a good cash, Upon completion of the test projects, you will be outsourced to clients where you will work on real-world projects, gain experience and BE PAID!!!

Featured Plans

Select a mentoring plan that fits your budget. You can renew your plan immediately after exhausting your current plan.


2,500 / week
  • 1 Week Plan


10,000 / month
  • 1 Month Plan

Latest Student Test Results

Sn Date Taken Stack Score Percentage
1 12/6/2019 HTML 18 / 20 90%
2 12/6/2019 HTML 18 / 20 90%
3 12/6/2019 HTML 18 / 20 90%
4 11/30/2019 CSS 4 / 104 3.85%
5 11/28/2019 CSS 32 / 104 30.77%
6 11/28/2019 HTML 15 / 20 75%
7 11/27/2019 HTML 19 / 20 95%
8 11/27/2019 HTML 19 / 20 95%
9 11/27/2019 HTML 19 / 20 95%
10 11/27/2019 HTML 19 / 20 95%

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