Welcome, Your journey to become a full-stack developer has just started we will be happy to be by side as a friend to make sure you learn and also get your dream job.

Course aim

To learn how to develop a robust web application starting from scratch and become a full-stack developer

Skills you need to have

Just know how to operate a computer and the passion to learn

Skills you will learn

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET Core and SQL

Software tools and resources you will need to participate

  • Text Editors like SublimeText or VS Code
  • Visual Studio 2019 preferably but we can manage 2017 Version
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17
  • Skype Desktop Application
  • Teamviewer desktop application
  • Chrome Web Browser

Download links to all these resources will be provided at the end of this page as all of them are free software that we will be using in this course. If you are in Nigeria and you are considering the cost of internet to download all this will be a problem for you as all of these tools will take more than 30gb for you to download them don't worry we can help you out with an offline version of all of this to save the cost of downloading them.

How you will learn

We will be providing you with links to videos and text materials you will need for each chapter of this course. If you are in Nigeria and considering the cost of data for streaming these videos don't worry we have you covered. We can send you an offline version of all the Videos needed for this full-stack course(about 14gb) with all the software tools(30gb) needed above anywhere in Nigeria so you won't say what is holding you from learning is high cost data.

How we will guide you

  • We will break down this course in chapters and every chapter comes with its own learning resources and a test project.
  • In the process of learning in any of this chapter and you experience any challenge on doing what is has been done by the instructor on the chapter you can our attention and one of our in house instructor will help you 1-on-1 over skype to fix your problem so you can move to the next step.
  • After learning the resource for every chapter you will do a test project that accompanies the chapter and submit for your mentor to review your code and give you and 1-on-1 feedback on skype.
  • At the end of the course, you will be given a real-worldproject to do in a team of other developers where a mentor will lead the team and assign tasks to each and every one of you and you will collaborate and also learn how to use source control tools like GitHub, BitBucket and SVN. Also, you will learn how to use task management tools like Trello, Redmine and some other tools.
  • After this project, you will work with our clients who will be paying you while you gain more experience to build your profile.
  • At this point you are ready to get your dream job, we will help you create a good CV and then recommend you to your clients where you will work for them on full-time bases.